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Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

As a seasoned therapist since 2001, I provide a variety of techniques often combined in a customized treatment based on my intuition, and my client's individual needs. Since 2011, I have also been a massage therapy instructor for professional licensure programs in the Boston area.

30 min. treatment $  50

60 min. treatment $ 100

90 min. treatment $ 150

Add on Customized Therapeutic Aromatherapy $20

SWEDISH ~ Relaxing, Improves circulation of blood and lymph, Stimulates detoxing

ENERGY POLARITY ~ Chakra (energy centering) Balancing, Grounding, Gentle holds/touch, incorporates cranial sacral technique

DEEP TISSUE- Very focused work to sink into trouble areas, slow pace and great depth to release tension and discomfort

TRIGGER POINT- Working out naughty "knotts,"  overly excited spots of muscle tissue that often pinched nerves.  Pinched nerves can cause pain, tingling, numbness, tension, or general discomfort.

MYOFASCIAL- Technique to stretch and loosen the fascia/connective tissue surrounding the muscle fibers

POSITIONAL RELEASE- Positioning parts of the body to work out tight spots by decreasing the length of the muscle fibers to allow tension to release from the muscle belly

RANGE OF MOTION- Slow movement to aid in the release of tension of the joints of the body, which can help create more joint lubrication of synovial fluid, and to increase flexibility

STRETCHING- Passive and active stretching to muscular tension, discomfort, and to increase flexibility

PRE-NATAL ~ Focused techniques on mommy and baby to ease tension and stress, while taking care to avoid labor inducing pressure points, or to help a Mommy to Be induce labor if she is past her due date.  *note in aromatherapy treatments, only certain oils are safe for baby as other oils can induce labor.

K.A.M. ~ Kinesthetic Awareness Through Movement (foundation of Trager), gentle motion/rocking, addresses the nervous system to relax which is great for neurological conditions/disorders as well as emotional calming from anxiety or stress.  It creates a feeling of lightness, grounded energy, and balance.

SPORTS ~ invigorating form of Swedish, and assisted stretching 

MEDICAL MASSAGE ~ Site specific, focused work, TLC for injury or injuries, often incorporated with other techniques for best results

NEUROMUSCULAR TECHNIQUE- Gentle technique for overly stimulated nerves, great for calming chronic pain

COUPLE'S LESSONS ~ Want to learn some basic massage technique? Take turns with your partner giving and receiving therapeutic touch with my hands on teaching approach. Receive therapeutic touch one hour each (2 hr total) from your therapist and your partner.  Great to enhance your connection, relax, and ground one another.

HYDROTHERAPY ~ Use of heat or cold, either packs or product to promote relaxation of tissues/muscles

AROMATHERAPY ~ Additional of glorious, therapeutic grade essential oils to treatment carrier oil or cream. As these oils are immensely beneficial in boosting immunity, soothing inflamed soft tissues and muscles, alleviating headaches, regulating hormones and digestion, etc. There is an additional charge of $20 for this luxurious treatment.  Custom blends available upon request.

BROWN SUGAR SCRUB (ORGANIC) TREAMTENTS FOR SALE: Treat your body with pure, high quality, vitamin and mineral enriched products.  Sumptuous, organic, brown sugar scrubs available in MANGO-GINGER, CHOCOLATE-PEPPERMINT, VANILLA-ORANGE, & VANILLA LATTE. Mix well and apply in shower or bath.  Exfoliates and nourishes your skin.  Use once or twice a week for best results.   $30 per container


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